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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

It's sleep deprivation now. They go from sleep deprivation to torture to being real nice the back to sleep deprivation or torture they can mix it up a little bit but it's always the same game. You wake up just as tired as when you went to bed partly because they play with your brain all night long and you might as well be awake. In fact leaving the TV on Mets me sleep better than when I lay there with it off for them to screw my brain around. Sleep deprivation is what they're doing now along with sexual harassment. After all way back in the beginning the man said he would control me with sex and that is exactly what he's been trying to do for 20 years. This is abuse sanction government abuse. It is illegal but you can't get anyone to do anything about it. The media knows about it Edward Snowden left them a thousand pages and they were told it's classified and it may be but if it's being done to you it is no longer classified. You are the victim you have a right to speak out. Get your FOIA from any agency that might have been responsible for putting you in this program. Don't forget Quantico Homeland Security FBI ATF DEA because they all use it and the NSA I think might be implementing it along with Quantico. I could be wrong but it doesn't hurt to try and do everything above. Nobody should be tortured sleep-deprived sexually harassed physically mentally and verbally abused under any Administration.