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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Open Letter to Congress:

There are many people in this country under surveillance or some type of government program where they have become victims of torture, rape, gaslighting and remote interrogation for years. Some as many as 15 or 20. We believe our senators either do not care about us or they are unaware of the true intent of enhanced interrogation.

We have experienced what I call “virtual reality” with the intent to alter our perception and change our minds. All of us have experienced bruises and scarring over different areas of the body. The women have been subjected to both virtual rape and a simulated rape while they were awake. The sex act that I experienced was done to me the exact same time in the exact manner for three days and on the fourth when I began to bleed they stopped. During that time, they made you feel like you could not move your legs and they called you dirty names. I also experienced a simulated gunshot to the head. This had all the theatrics of what I believe a real gunshot would feel like. It was around three o’clock in the morning and I woke up with pain in my right ear, a bouncing of the brain inside my head, I began to feel like my body from my head to my toes was falling asleep followed by coldness and stiffness. I felt and could smell the stickiness of blood on the said of my face. I then heard a man’s voice say “Janice, this is what a gunshot to the head feels like. That was over sixteen years ago, and I am still being tortured.

I do not use drugs, sell drugs, am not a terrorist and I have never been mentally ill.

Many of the victims have had the use of weapons and technology used on them to make them appear mentally ill. When they try to explain what is happening to them and they tell their families or doctors they are sent for mental evaluations and misdiagnosed as delusional. They all have the same diagnosis. There now is an organization that provides credible information to the hospitals to get these people released. Some of course do not know what is really happening and are given psychiatric medications that they do not need.

These people are subjected to the same technology that the Coast Guard uses on pirates where they speak to them from afar. The same technology where five Taliban were captured by them believing that soldiers had them surrounded. This was the use of holograms and voices until the real military got to them and captured them. They had their hands behind their back and were down on their knees.

Our vehicles have been the subject of speeding up, stopping in the middle of the street, radios being turned on and off. I once filled my tank with gas and my car wouldn’t start. I had my car towed and later that night I was with a friend driving past the garage and a man was leaning against my car that I would later recognize and see many times later.

 When I got the car home there was a nickel sized hole in the grill. The garage denied doing it. Another time a gold colored Thunderbird pulled in front of my car and I could see the man in the side mirror laughing. He was right up against my bumper. My transmission oil leaked out. When I took the car to the mechanic he showed me the same perfectly round nickel sized hole in the core of my transmission that was in my grill.

The LBGT victims are subjected to trying to make them believe they are straight. I had a detective friend who was black, and I was subjected to being called N Lover over and over for months. He went to a lawyer with me to show support for me when I tried to explain what was going on.

This program we believe is the secret behind the Patriot Act that our senators continue to renew without examining the results and issues of this program. Suicides are on the rise within this group of victims. There are now support groups in every state and even some safe houses for victims.  Under the Obama administration there was the Bioethical Committee in which many victims testified. Some were lawyers and doctors whose lives had been altered by this program, but nothing was ever done. Just a committee.

None of us can understand what we did or why we are treated in this manner. Nobody should be abused mentally, sexually or physically by any military complex, CIA, FBI DEA or any other agency in this manner. Where are the voices of congress that should be investigating these programs? I know what waterboarding is because they did it to me and told me what it was.

We need another Church Committee to investigate this. We don’t need another Patriot Act renewal without the truth being told. Congress needs to listen to us and see who we are and that we deserve better from our country.

I believe that we should not be experiments or used by Quantico for training purposes and we deserve to have the opportunity to live as others and to exercise free will that we have been denied for years. Our lives have been ruined and for no reason. We deserve an explanation for the abuse. We believe that this must stop.

I am 70 years old and I have been a victim since I was 51 years old. During that time, I have seen children that were visiting me as young as seven get tortured during the night. Victims have had their children targeted. What has this country become and why does the congress ignore the complaints. There is no oversite or supervision of the men and women that abuse us. We ask that an investigation into the misuse of the enhanced interrogation technology.