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Wednesday, August 09, 2017


The perpetrators tend two alternate between causing severe pain in my back leaving bruising or sexually assaulting me and when that doesn't work they verbally harass or try to demean me in some manner. I know all about bullying and how abusers treat their victims and that's exactly what this government program is designed to do in order to control you. This morning it was sexual harassment and verbal harassment and the demeaning that goes along with that. How our government thinks this is a program that is good for this country I do not know but I did was say that I would post information to a Washington Post reporter if they did not stop this type of harassment. These are very sick individuals that get their jollies off early in the morning with the sexual attacks and very sick men and women who are out to destroy this country and call it fighting terrorism or whatever the hell they're excuses this week. 15 years of harassment hasn't gotten them anything but post to the Washington Post and this blog entry. Most victims have been through the same thing that I'm going through and have survived it although we've had over 36 suicides in our group. This harassment kept up on an 86 year old woman who was fighting cancer and on her deathbed. It kept up when I lady who was a Target in Philadelphia rented out a room and that man attacked her and murdered her and they watched. If you think for one second that these are honorable men and women then there's something wrong with you they are not honorable they are not at the goal they are not even normal. They were chosen not for what they have but for what they lack.