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Monday, July 17, 2017

When the people who operate as handlers decide to make you want to smoke when you have never smoked in your life that shows how low they will go. When they constantly try to threaten you with non existent threats like "Someone is watching you" "You have a peeping Tom" Your old boyfriend is after you. Then this is the new low. Another misconception is that they are helping you. This claim is to get you to listen to them so they can make you do something.

When they tamper with your vehicle while you are driving that is dangerous. When they try to create a mood that is detrimental to your well being that is disgusting. By using direct energy weapons they have the ability to mentally and physically change you. They can make you appear delusional then nobody will believe what they are doing to you. I am a lucky one I survived and came away from such an attack with no diagnosis of mental illness, no medication and in fact I had a doctor tell me I was normal. Many of the victims were given evaluations of schizophrenia and placed on medications, lost their jobs, broke up their homes and some lost their husbands or spouses.

There is no shame from the handlers. They do not see people as people only as targets. They do not care that they violate your privacy and other civil liberties. They do not care that this is unconstitutional and does not even follow the Nuremberg Code. They just want to practice their torture and mind control.

Night after night I awake barely able to move from their hitting my lower back. They get their jollies off doing this. They are perverts who will sexually assault you while they get their kicks. They have no supervision as our government states it is impossible to monitor what they are doing. Therefore the victims get tortured, raped, sodimized and they have vertual reality visions that they are made to believe they are a part of. They are destroying lives by these programs.