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Thursday, July 06, 2017

This is what they achieved

They said they would change my appearance : they did. I no longer look as I did when the torture and abuse started.
They said they would change my thinking: they did. I no longer see the FBI as honest and I no longer see our government as the best in the world.  In fact any government that would allow any agencies to torture and abuse their citizens without justification and any government that has no intention of using due process on its citizens but instead puts them under surveillance for years and years and years is not the America that it once was. Do not be fooled by all this talk about terrorism and the need for this surveillance system because it is not used for terrorism it is used against citizens in this country. Whistleblowers, Witnesses and potential witnesses.
I have been told these were rogue agents but they're still out there and they're still acting rogue if that's who they are.
People who complain about this are the people that get a knock on their door and threats. Threats to keep quiet. If that doesn't work they try to Baker Act them. This is the new America with these unethical programs and people who operate them.
I am too old to wake up in visions and dreams of being in bed with old boyfriends or having sex with perverts.
I wanted privacy instead I got men and women watching me take a shower, go to the bathroom, and even while I'm sleeping. This is the new America. No better than Russia Iran and Iraq for them this is all common.
If this type of surveillance requires a special warrant, then anybody can fall under that type of Warrant. I know doctors lawyers nurses that have been chosen to be abused and tortured. They want to change your personality not for the better they want to take away everything that you have destroy anything you got.
Many victims have divorced because of this technology. You invite somebody into your home and they also get tortured. I have had people run out of my house several of my friends have noticed that they had the same type of dreams when they close their eyes and they were tortured. I have had children in my home be subjected to sexual assault and abuse. This is what the new America is. Just as Sheila said these people who do this to us we're not chosen because they had something but because they lack something. They get their rocks off by telling you that you can't prove it but take pictures when you're attacked of your head and the area of the body that you're being attacked and you will see the unusual photos when they're in the camera on the screen.  My camera is very low pixels so as I increase the photo I lose what is there when it is small try to get a 14 pixel camera mine is only a 5 pixel.