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Monday, June 19, 2017

Civil Liberties

What this government program of spying on its citizens calling it whatever they want to call it it is very intrusive into our lives. You down on the couch to watch a TV program and they put in front of you and try to knock you out so that once again they can manipulate your mind to be what they wanted to be and not what you are. These men and women who are hired by our government are perverts. Anyone who would participate in a program that destroys the lives of other human beings is very sick. I just tried to watch a TV program and I put a naked man in front of me like give a shit about a freaking naked man.
To think that this all began when I tried to help some local Detectives who were asking me questions about another person and this escalated to me being on some kind of damn list where I became the subject instead of the man that committed the crime is amazing to me period so my advice to anyone who thinks of helping any federal agent think again. It is not worth what you have to sacrifice to get shafted by your own government.