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Friday, May 05, 2017

Here we go again

Night after night men and women all over the United States are subjected to remote interrogation by the NSA and other intelligence agencies including Quantico.  Many of the victims are like me and after several attempts to get straight answers through the FOIA we have been misled, lied to or ignored.

Over the past two months I have been tortured to the extreme that I have severe bruises on my back and it takes several hours before I can walk normally. I have been subjected to what I call virtual dreams or visions that occur between waking up and sleeping. These dreams make it feel as though you are actually participating in them or they seem very real. Two days ago it was men on a pole dancing. Very funny and it was meant to arouse me so that they could either get their jollies off or continue to ask questions or even try to change my views or thoughts to conform with their philosophies or beliefs. All of which is a violation of my constitutional rights.

I have several drones over my house, some follow me everywhere I go. I am not a terrorist, according to Homeland Security and the FBI I do not know a terrorist. I do not use nor have I ever used drugs and I have NEVER sold them. However, I may be classified as a whistle blower or they have lied to get me under surveillance or in some type of behavior modification program.

I take photos of my back and the bruising is very clear on the photos. This has been going on for many years. In fact I have been subjected to the abuse since 2001.

I am not part of any radical group, cult or extremist group and I certainly am no threat to anyone not even myself. I have no history of mental illness and am not on any medication other than blood pressure and cholesterol.

One of the side effects of the remote interrogation is when you awake you are hungry. This leads to weight gain. Many of the victims receive the voice to skull chatter constantly that mocks, belittles and insults them. This leads to PTSD and anxiety issues among the victims of this horrific program.

When I walk up the stairs I can see a blue or orange light in the shape of a ball at my feet. I see twinkling lights in my bathroom and black shadows repeatedly going back and forth across my ceiling. I have photos of images on my walls and often when I close my eyes I see flashes of light as though I am being hypnotized. This is what the victims live with.

This technology has the ability through the use of low and high frequency pulses to alter your moods and it enables these perverts to place their dreams and porn in your mind regularly. Sexual attacks are part of this program and both men and women along with small children are raped repeatedly.

The behavior of the handlers is despicable and it goes to their morals, ethics and integrity that they subject other humans to this inhumane treatment. Time to see a lawyer about the abuse or at least the ACLU as I believe until the public gets the whole picture we will never be free of this torture. blackmail and threats.