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Friday, December 30, 2016

What we know!

We know that 80% of the targets were placed under surveillance by drug enforcement. Most did not do drugs or sell them.
1. The FBI used the FISA Court to place x-wives, mother in laws under surveillance when the FISA Court was rubber stamping warrants.
2. We know Remote Neural Interrogation is used.
3. Torture is used along with simulations of rape, real rape and gunshots to the head.
4. We know this is a program of control.
5. We know many targets have been in this program 15 years or longer without justification.
6. We know the Patriot Act was the smoke screen to allow the use of military technology and weapons to be used against citizens.
7. We know it is NOT used to protect us from terrorist.
8. We know the men and women using the above call themselves handlers.
9. We know drones are used.
10. We know they can control our cars, trucks etc. I have had mine cut off in the middle of driving and the acceleration increased for no reason.
11. We know they pulse our private areas with frequencies and that they have the capability to send vapors to our cavities.
12. We know they put you in a stupor as punishment when you want to do something they do not agree with.
12. We know that if a camera is used when they are sexually assaulting you or playing with your emotions that it will show up.
13. We now know that 200 agents have been bribed or bought and that internal affairs is being revamped to catch some of these agents.
14. We know that there are different types of lights being used to monitor you in your home. For instance when I climb my stairs I will see a blue light in front of me.
15. When I am in the bathroom I will see lights the size of pin dots.
16. I often see a shadow of what appears to be a spider crawling one after another on my walls.
17. I always see a drone following me or outside my window.
18. We know they claim to be helping us while destroying our lives.
19. We know the handlers can't be trusted and they constantly lie.

I am sure I will add many more things to this to me.