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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

November 22nd 2016 at 5:30 AM

Here it is not quite 6:00 AM and I once again was placed in one of those virtual reality visions. This time it was with two young boys in my bed and of course they faked one of their famous orgasims.

One of the things about this surveillance is that you can see the people who do this to you. I usually see a long table with men in white shirts and men with dark clothes with patches on their sleeve. Sometimes I see an auditorium with people and the long table, others I see men and women at what looks like computers.
Sometimes I recognize the people from my long journey across country several years ago. One is a man with long hair and glasses who once was in a hotel room in Jacksonville, WY and he later identified himself as Jimmy when I saw him in NC. I looked up an agent on the internet and he looked similar if not  an agent by the name of Jimmy Russell. I believe he was ATF. Sometimes I see a man who is bald on top with dark sides that I saw in Henderson, NC and sometimes I see a man who I saw in a jacket that said Homeland Security. Sometimes I see a woman with long blond hair in a ponytail that I saw in NC with a man who once told a gas station not to give me gas. The more active the better you see them. Sometimes they wears masks or cover their faces. That is when I know for sure that I can identify them.
If the victims of surveillance have learned nothing else but this: these people are very demented. They get their jollies off by visions of sex, they even put themselves in virtual reality in bedroom scenes. Most of the women have been raped, called horrible names. I was called a nigger lover because I supported Obama and because a detective who was a friend of mine was black. This is how low they are willing to go under the Patriot Act.
It is seldom a night goes by that I don't see one or two drones hovering by my house.

To many who have not yet been under this type of remote neural surveillance this will make little sense but I can assure you that there are thousands of innocent victims being harassed on a daily basis by small minded men and women without integrity, ethics or character.

I believe Edward Snowden revealed this program to many media outlets who have not published anything because of national security. We are not the only country using this. England and probably Russia and maybe China since Robert Hansen gave them top classified secrets.

Like Michelle Obama we take the high road and leave the low road to the scum of the earth. Remember that these men and women were not chosen because of what they have but for what they lack.

I could go on about more visions and even tell all of you what they did to silence me on one of their cases. I went to a senator in NC and sat there for two hours with copies of all my documents and when I was finished the aide said to me that "They were protecting their case" I said at my expense. Later when I tried to get information of where this was going I was told they had no record of my being there or turning over papers. The senator is now on the Intelligence Committee.

There are several lawsuits out there and there are several support groups. The Psychiatric Association has denounced any psychiatrist who works with these programs and has threatened to take their licence to practice. I am sure the FBI, SBI, NSA, ATF, Homeland Security all use this program. It is a means to gather information while you sleep without your knowledge. Recently the FBI asked a judge to rule that they did not have to give up their sources. One more step in the wrong direction of justice.

There are lawyers, doctors and many credible men and women being assaulted on a daily basis. What we have learned was that when 911 happened and those agencies went to the FISA court to get special warrants these warrants were given blindly. So blindly that a judge resigned and spoke out about their unconstitutionality. There were newspaper articles where these agents had placed their spouses, inlaws and personal enemies under surveillance.

One of the terrible things they do is to use weapons or technology to make a person appear to be delusional. Then the family or someone else commits them to a mental hospital, they are then given drugs and treatments they don't need. If this doesn't happen then after many years of abuse the victims develop PTSD, anxiety and many other issues associated with Domestic Violence. The program they use is related to what a person goes through who has been a victim of abuse. They first torture you, then try to make you think they are your friend and the cycle goes on and on. I have been a victim for fifteen years. They have destroyed my life in any way they could and continue to do so. I could write a book. There are organizations that will advocate on your behalf if you get placed in a mental institution. Get to know them as you could become a victim for no reason.

There are many journalist who have written articles regarding this program but the people haven't gotten the message how invasive this is. It is a case of first they came for the bla bla bla and then they came for bla bla bla and by the time they came for me there was nobody left.