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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Mechanical Rape

The cycle of abuse continues....these men and women relate so well to the typical man that wants to control that there is no doubt that this is what the NSA and DHS is all about. Women get raped on a regular basis, children get raped on a regular basis. I awoke to a smog in my house today that tells me that chemicals are being used on me.
If you are a victim and these bastards are trying to gather information and silence you with threats then they are corrupt. I think that we should not support anything that they gather illegally. Once they get the info the normal thing law enforcement would do is to gather information to support what you have told them...don't collaborate with any program that is illegal no matter where it comes from. This is not justice it denies everyone their basic human rights to a lawyer or due process. It is meant to let the agents sit on their asses and get information without the normal building of cases.
The threats real or not never stop and soon if you give in to these people they will threaten you over what you eat or drink just to get their jollies off.
If our government wants to stoop to an a program that is the extension of MkUltra and use Cointel programs we have no power to stop it but we don't have to give in to bullies and rapist. President Obama said rape is rape and what they do to women is rape with technology. It is so well known now that they have a name for it "Mechanical Rape".