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Sunday, August 07, 2016

I hate to even tell the absurd visions that were placed in my mind last night...stupid as they are. First I was kidnapped by ISIS and then I was walked just like they do in Guantanamo with a tight black mask. After which I was in bed with the kidnapper...I realized they were at it again. Is this the Lida machine? Then a little later a female made the remark to me that "wouldn't you like to kill them all?" I just told her how stupid she was and ridiculous and then turned the TV on.

These men and women are NOT there to help you, befriend you and if you are a target of remote neural interrogation then beware because they do their best to make you do things that you would not do on your own. Is this why the FBI stated that we would have more domestic terrorist when this program was initiated?

All I can say is these people do not care about your rights, do not care about the Nuremberg Code and do not follow any Constitution of the United States.

I am a person who turned in someone and I became the target because he was so well protected by the very people that should have been protecting me.