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Monday, July 11, 2016

Government Harassment, torture and lies

Our senators and president either are fully aware of the abusive behavior of the intelligence programs that are being used against citizens int his country or they are not smart enough to figure out the CIA and Department of Homeland Security along with Quantico. The use of behavior modification programs that are used as cover up for mistakes made by government agencies fall under the remote neural intelligence programs.

The moment a targeted person speaks out they are tortured in their rectums and private areas to the point where they are injured. Whatever they are putting in our oral cavities is a blatant violation of civil liberties and the Nuremberg Code. Our government is secretly exploring mind control programs on innocent Americans under the pretense of surveillance and intelligence. In reality we are being abused by our own people for no reason except someone has placed our names on either a "no fly" list or a person of interest list.

We have no resources to determine why we are targeted but we are targeted for many many years. Sixteen for me. While federal agents lie to cover their asses and continue to torture us.

I have always called them the rectum police because they like to see how much pain they can cause us. I closed my eyes the last time and I saw a blue computer screen where a man was taking either his finger or a stylus and running it up a skeleton of a person clear up to the waist...he then made the comment..."This is how he said you liked it" Sick isn't it? They show their character and integrity every time they say something to justify to them the torture they do to us.

America has many problems but most created by our own intelligence and other government agencies. While we know low level agents do not have the use of this technology and program making them a little more honest we don't know which ones can be trusted. This is on the same equivalence as the cops shooting innocent people. Maybe that is why they believe what they do is justified. They have poor examples set for them.