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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Are we forced medicated?

Ever have a thought of filing a lawsuit against the men and women who are torturing people? If you do then you are probably one of the people who remains under the secret remote neural monitoring weapons.

Most of us have experienced the bitter taste of something foreign in our mouths for which there was no explanation. Most of us have had the sudden intake of breath for no reason which probably is related to a vapor being forced on us. Most have seen the grey matter going up the noses and other cavities in our bodies. Most have awoken to chatter that is detrimental to a healthy lifestyle.

The reason you haven't filed is because they are silencing you. It isn't about evidence because there is plenty that your basic freedoms have been compromised by military technology.

Those who speak out about the "thought police" often get a visit from the men in black or are tortured over and over.

We are not living in safe times but it does not give this government or any of their agencies the right to monitor, torture and harass citizens who are no threat to anyone. Threats of death, arrest and other ridiculous threats are just a method of control. Ignore these people they have no courage to defend Americans who are being used as experiments or as teaching tools. Most of the victims are not a society problem. Some are scientist, activist and whistle blowers. Some turned over information and became targets. Some were just used as a means of revenge.

So if you want to file a lawsuit and have no funds go to the courthouse and file under your right to privacy, go to the oversight committee and file a complaint. You have that right!!

Remember it is their character that should be challenged not yours....they were not chosen for what they have but for what they lack.