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Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Mental Midgets

So far these people have tried using these weapons or tools of control to try to make me think that I am being followed by someone, someone is after me, my brother, sister, friend or neighbor is causing me trouble and the list goes on.

The night before last I saw a picture of an old friend and said I would like to see him, this morning I was waking up and I heard " Did you ever sleep with him? I was in a scenario where I was supposed to be going to bed with this man, a man that I would never even consider sleeping with when I was younger or now. But the point was that it is none of their business who or when I slept with anyone. They failed to make me believe the above and all they did do was convince me that they were targeting American citizens in this country and doing them harm, the pain in my lower back and stomach matched the photos to the right of this on them and see the bruising after a night of remote interrogation. These men and women really are nothing but misled mental misfits being paid by our government to bully and abuse citizens in this country through their CIA interrogation programs. Why not? They hide or wear masks while they torture and maime people. They don't have to be accountable to anyone and they have the lies behind the reasons why you are in this program. You can't trust them...anything they say is a lie and if by chance they tell the truth it will be followed by a bigger lie.

Does anyone know what chatter is? Well, it is a constant running of the mouth by these misfits. It usually starts when you have told something on them and it continues with threats and bullcrap. Ignore it, they are just being the assholes that their parents taught them to be. No real honest human being would act like this unless they were not taught to respect other life. They were hired not for what they have but for what they lack......never forget that. They do not like you, do not let them make you believe otherwise or they will surely screw you over...that is what Quantico is training them for.