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Friday, June 24, 2016

Did You Come?

There are several methods that are used by these short, fat bald headed people that are bullying women and children. With me they literally used their technology to rape me. This was done for three days with them stopping on the fourth while they taunted me for making me bleed. Our President said rape is rape but he failed to implement any changes in the Department of Homeland Security that would prohibit these illegal acts. Another way they use is to plant visions so that you are a consensual subject. These so called dreams and nightmares are either done with hallucinogens or mind control methods probably by the remote neural interrogation technology. We don't know how long they do this but you are brought out of your sleep or made aware with just the last few seconds of the illegal act of rape being completed...hence the "Did you Come?

This isn't done because they believe you did something it is done to try to create a simulation of a mental illness. This morning they tried to make me believe that I was being followed and that I was in danger...hogwash! They also tried the old Cointelpro game of trying to turn you against or make you paranoid about someone you know. You never hear the truth that the FBI told lies regarding a terrorist suspect being a "Lone Wolf" when they had knowledge of another person being involved but had destroyed the evidence and thus began the cover up.

They covered up everything they did by ruining the credibility of anyone who would tell the truth, this seems to be a routine tactic in their corruption.

Keep in mind I use the word FBI loosely because we all know that not all agents are corrupt that most are decent human beings. We know that each of these agencies have their corruption. For instance we know that Robert Hansen was a spy who enjoyed watching prostitutes but did not sleep with any of them. We know that the Department of Homeland Security has had several pedifiles working the same programs that are being used to bully innocent people.

America will never be safer with these programs or with this does nothing but cause those in these programs to distrust. They use it to call people names like n.....lover, try to make people think they are gay or the gay people think they are straight, they try to change senator's minds and manipulate the elections.

With every new weapon there can be a dark side but only those with no ethics or integrity will stoop to using chemicals and weapons against innocent people. Most of these people have been terrorized for years with new victims added daily.

As Sheila said before " They are chosen not for what they have but for what they lack" The Bush Administration let loose this parana and there has been no change under the Obama Administration. You would think of all the talk about Constitutional rights, civil liberties that this would have been addressed but all we got was the Bioethics Committee Hearings (which can be seen on You Tube) with their suggestions being ignored. What a waste of tax dollars. Throw the dog a bone as he is getting too noisy.

Once again policing their own agencies....

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