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Tuesday, June 07, 2016

After many years of these programs many of the victims are suffering from skin irritations that dermatologist can find no reason for.

My skin began with what appeared as cigarette burns and continue as what you would think were needle marks that then itch and become larger leaving scars.

I have looked at Morgellons and was surprised to see their research page mentions chem trails as a possible source of these lesions. I think it is because there are small black what appears to be seeds that come out of these lesions. I wonder if the lesions begin within and not from the outside of our skin. Maybe this is the way our bodies react to what they put in our oral cavities. Many victims express rectum bleeding, nose bleeding and involuntary deep breaths.

These are not programs that help people they destroy our health along with freedoms. Adults are not the only victims, children are also suffering the same type of injuries.