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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Needles and Pins

It was another one of the nights where my private area was targeted with what feels like needles. So much so that my lower abdomen is very painful this morning. You wonder the character of the people who made the decision to use a program that violates all humanity as well as constitutional and civil liberties.

What were they after...just trying to get me to change my mind on helping a family with an elder member. Nothing that relates to national security, drugs or anything else that is anyone's business. They meddle and they try to break families, friendships, employment for no reason but possibly to train more perverts to do the same. Eventually everyone will be a victim of this program.

Our government like Hitler has been dabbing in mind control programs for years. They use people like collateral damage and avoid getting caught by calling these programs surveillance and after all let us remember the "War on Drugs" and when that failed then we have the "War on Terrorist" when what is taking place is the "War on People".

Those who tell about it they discredit and use tactics to shut them up.

There are plenty of credible people who have written books, told the International community or the Bioethics Committee but the only progress has been with Amy Goodman who managed to get through to the American Psychiatric Association who has denounced these programs and stated that any psychiatrist who aids in these programs will lose their license. Keep in mind these unethical psychiatrist don't really care they will practice without a license.

The program goes like this: The victim thinks about something they want to do, it can be work, family, friends and the perpetrators are challenged to change your mind by throwing out trigger words that would change your mind. Something like Pavlov's dog. It would resemble a person with a dog collar that gets shocked when they try to leave the yard.  For instance I was threatened with the destruction of my computer this morning, I have been threatened with damages to my car which were done early on. I had three vehicles that were damaged each in the same way and done in the same order. You get subliminal threats and when you call them on them then they pretend that they are "warning" you and "helping you. Please do not fall for either...any help is for themselves. I think they get a gold star on their foreheads if they get you to fall or go along with their game. These are not "normal" men and women, if they were they would decline to abuse small children and women actually they would decline to torture anyone. The real threat to this country comes from withing the ranks.

I remember in the early stages of my abuse that I was told that they would change my appearance and they did...I gained all kinds of weight partly because they would cause leg pains when I tried to walk or exercise something I had done all my life, they took away my ability to do what was good for me and replaced it with their vision of torture. This program mimics many forms of torture, cigarette burns that leave real scars, rape, I carried bruises on my back for many years and that I believe was a method to keep me from exercising or enjoying the basic forms of pleasure that everyone is entitled to. I sometimes would not be able to work or go anywhere like a carnival, shopping or climb stairs or to flea markets etc. This is what our government is telling you is surveillance.

After 9-11 this program increased and more so called agents were hired. It was already being used but the public was unaware of it. Now, most people who have access to the Internet or Snowden's papers know all about this program. All you have to do is Google the right words or the right people. Some well known scientist have denounced this program and are fighting to get it out but our media is either scared (who ever thought journalist would be scared) or have been threatened to keep their silence.