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Monday, May 02, 2016


These perverts want you to tell these stories because they know that the general public do not realize that they have the ability to put visions and simulate torture. In fact I didn't believe it when I read a story before it happened to me. Some of the people who are victims would surprise you. We have engineers, psychologist, military most not doing anything wrong but catching their attention. After all with the FISA Court rubber stamping request constantly and no Nuremberg Code being enforced or no supervision of these men and women with the power of weapons and technology it doesn't surprise me that we are targeted in this manner. When I was raped I was wide awake and I could not move my legs as they felt tied, when I received the gunshot to the head I had been sleeping and they awoke me to be sure that I got all the drama with the simulated gunshot to the head. Recently I wrote a letter and I was told how resilient I was by yet another government agency. I think they cover their butts by many layers. I would say they have to live with themselves but if they are desensitized then they have no trouble living with themselves. That may be the key to our soldiers who went berserk and killed their wives  at Fort Bragg several years ago. There were about six or seven murders on that base. Maybe this was the real reason.

It's back to the same old programs. First they tried to make me think I was being water boarded then they tried to make me think they put a chemical on my perineal area. This just occurred and I felt it important to put it in writing. All of this because I threatened to go to the ACLU, American Bar Association and to send photos to Amy Goodman. It is their character that is flawed. Recently I read an article that stated they were subjected to brain washing where they were shown videos that were so horrendous and this continued until they were desensitized. By doing this they had no compulsion about what they did to us. Once again it proves my point that ethics and integrity are not a part of this program. Those who speak up are silenced by the Baker Act or punished by burns and visions.

While they show their worth and character to us they go home and act as normal as you and I. So who is really crazy surely not the victims of brain mapping, enhanced interrogation or mind control.

Again let me remind you that my being in this program is part of a larger cover up. It can't be that I believe in a conspiracy in the Atlanta Bombings (which is why I turned the tapes of the person I believed to be involved  over to the local detectives who in turn turned them over to the FBI) Conspiracies are a dime a dozen. It can't be because they covered up the fact that a gun runner and drug dealer was possibly used and they allowed that person to be free or that they have tried repeatedly with threats to arrest me, harm me and have caused problems for my family. It is because they did wrong to begin with. By the way they allowed that person to go free even when I did what my lawyer advised me to do and I tried to notify the SBI. Here is that story. I called and got intercepted by a fake and they pretended to notify drug enforcement via the old microphone and radio use. They were PATCHING me through and then the fake pretended not to know the person I was talking about and the fake SBI asked me if I wanted to speak with him and I asked for his phone number which turned out to be a fake when I tried to call it. So much for ethics. I could add some more to the above story as it is much more complicated but I am tired after all I was just put through a simulated waterboard.