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Sunday, April 03, 2016

Just a Thought

It is important to remember that this program is approved by congress and the POTUS. The program used by many of the intelligence agencies is illegal and goes against everything in the Constitution of the United States.

It consist of many levels, one being the "Martha Mitchell" effect ( Mitchel was the wife of John Mitchel one of the Watergate crooks. When she tried to tell the public what was going on they sent her to a mental hospital to discredit her. They use what is called "gaslighting" to make you appear to be losing your mind. Gaslighting in taken from an old Ingrid Bergman movie where her husband does things to make her think she is seeing things, misplacing things or imagining things.  Some of these things are holograms. They also use enhanced interrogation where you are brain washed into believing their lies. In doing this they physically attack you leaving small pinpoints or what appears to be needle marks and even some that look like cigarette burns which leave you with permanent scars. Then there is the destruction of your property or even your home.

The whole idea is to destroy you over a long period of time by the use of their Cointel programs and the use of weapons and technology. When you try to tell the media or a doctor the idea is to make them disbelieve you.

My suggestion is to take pictures of your self after one of their episodes and zoom in over different areas of the photos. You will see images that will enlighten you.

Our government is not beneath using you as collateral damage in developing programs and in doing experiments as well as using you as training programs for the military without your permission. We have long ago violated the Nuremberg Code, escalated the MkUltra programs and Pandora in our greed to control the people. Beware this is not about hunting for terrorist, stopping the war on drugs, mental illness, it is just about power and control just as the use of rape in their programs are.

The men and women who participate in these programs are NOT honorable, they are chosen not for what they have but for what they lack.

The misuse of these programs is rampant and without proper supervision and oversight they have become a threat to all of us.