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Sunday, March 20, 2016

I don't know about the rest of the victims but I for one have seen an increase of abuse. The abuse is waves over my stomach and private area along with sick dreams.

If you are one of those people who complained and got a reply referring you to an agency that has an .gov after their web address I suggest that you list Dr. Nick Begich as your scientific research. For those who do not know this smart and wonderful person please look up his bio. You can also go to U Tube where he has information.

There is no reason to think that these perverts are anything but unethical, many with a lack of integrity. It is very early in the morning as I find it easier to get out of bed than to listen or to allow them to place disturbing dreams in our minds. Of course this was in retaliation for my complaint in the first place.

These are sick experiments and we need strong senators to form another Church Committee (Google) to investigate these programs.  Our President seems to be
blindsided as to the dangers of these programs. The Neuramburg Code is a joke and I have heard only two senators running for President saying we need to bring back the Nuremberg Code. One was Bernie Sanders and I guarantee he will not get the election as we are going to be stuck with someone who will continue to allow these invasions of our lives and privacy.

The dream this morning was about child sexual predators  and of course I believe that there are possibly more predators besides the few that they found in the Department of Homeland Security and other agencies using these programs.

I want to thank the good agents in these agencies that protect the people and really are there for our good but for the many that use these programs to cover their backs and not for the good of the country I only pray that your loved ones, daughters, wives and mothers get treated as you treat us. You were not chosen for what you have but for what you lack.