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Saturday, January 09, 2016

Recently in the news there has been many reports concerning sleep deprivation and even TV has caught up with many components of the enhanced intelligence program. The American Psychiatric Association has threatened to remove the license of any psychiatrist that participates in the inhumane use of their profession. Keep in mind sleep deprivation is now used on many innocent people here in the United States as a means to fill their government computers with information about that person. This method has NOT been scientifically proved to be safe or even useful but it continues in many intelligence communities by those with questionable ethics and integrity.

Sleep deprivation cause weight gain, memory loss and many other physical problems but our government does not care. It isn't used on suspected terrorist only it is used on any American where a worthless agent filed information that was not true and received a FISA court warrant. Once these warrant were granted these people then became part of the "No Fly" list that our government wants to deny guns to. The "No Fly" list was supposed to keep us safe not violate constitutional rights. These people were never truly investigated to determine if they were dangerous and many were railroaded into programs for the mentally ill as a means to silence them or to punish them because of unethical agents.

Not to say that we don't need a "No Fly" list but we need to make sure the people on it are really a threat to society and that has not been done.  The public should be up in arms over the use of mind programs that are called enhanced interrogation and sold as safe when they are anything but safe. They should be screaming for their rights and filing lawsuits (which I hear is happening as in the five Viet Nam Vets who won a settlement based upon the illegal use of this technology and weapons) they should be all over the talk shows and the real journalist should be investigating the use of this program. Many of the people may not be guilty of anything but jaywalking!