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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Freedoms Denied to Americans

In our homes we should at least be able to exercise our freedom of thought and speech but under the enhanced interrogation program and the surveillance program they are NOT given this freedom. If they say something that the peeping Tom's do not like then they are zapped or punched or mistreated in some way or another.

This is America and these idiots do not seem to realize that what they are doing to the people in this country will ultimately be done to their families and loved ones. Obviously what my friend said is true." They were not chosen because of what they have but because of what they lack".

How are we safer when the people who are targeted, who wake up with blood drops on their pillows, bruises, tormented images believe that the people who should be protecting them are the people terrorizing them?

I wonder if someday this program will be used to control elections, court cases and senators? Technology and weapons have far outdone the morality of using them.

This goes on for years and years and how did so many Americans get caught up and lose what our constitution guaranteed them?