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Monday, November 30, 2015

The whole premise behind the NSA and enhanced intelligence is to get you to say or do something you would not do. These men and women get their jollies off by placing sexual feelings, emotions and images by trying to make you believe that you are having sex upon awakening. Then they try to use that to place an idea in your head. Sounds crazy but to the victims they will understand this post.

Many years ago I was told that I would be controlled through the time I didn't understand this program but I do now. If you are sexually assaulted or raped whether it be in real time or by using the mind to make you think it then it is real. For me I was wide awake and it was done for three nights at the same time and exactly the same leaving me to believe it was a computerized rape or as the victims have complained a mechanical rape. It is still rape and those behind the rapes were corrupt. It leads to their character not mine or any other victim. When a woman is raped it is not their fault it is the rapist who should be ashamed and put away.

This is a method they use to get you to talk. This is done without benefit of your lawyer and denied by our government. I suggest you snap photos of your head and groin. Those photos will show sexual activity. My idea is just to post everything they do and to show their ethics, character and the integrity of this program. It wasn't about mass gathering of emails, wire taps. It was really about the use of enhanced interrogation on innocent citizens in this country and the victimization of people who are placed int his program not because they have done something but to determine everything they did wrong in their lives from jaywalking to murder. Unfortunately in this country we have a constitution that prohibits our government from using such programs but it is ignored. A word of warning: Recently the FBI asked the court in a particular case to allow them to keep quiet about their source of information. I believe it may have been this program.

This morning it was to finger XXXX with me but I caught it and thus it is time to file for my FOIA. I received a letter from DHS that they nothing but Quantico had information. So I have decided to take the letter to my lawyer and use the FOIA to gather the information that they have.

No person deserves to be treated like they treat innocent victims of these REMOTE ENHANCED INTERROGATION techniques or programs. I suggest that if they believe so strongly in this sick program that they place their loved ones in it and gather their information.

If they want me to talk it will be about them as I don't have any information that is useful to anyone. So, use your methods of torture, sex and verbal abuse along with threats and I will gladly talk but you won't appreciate what I say or to whom I say it.