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Monday, November 09, 2015

Sleep Deprivation

The game is like this: They try to get you to think something or to do something...when you don't then they threaten you. The best thing is not to ever do what they want because these people are NOT your friend. They will cause you harm in some way.

The last few nights I could see the drone and I was palsed and tormented all night. I have needle marks and black and blue marks. Tell it and they make you look looney or try to. I have been a target for over 16 years. I have no history of mental illness but when our government wants to silence a whistle blower or to keep a witness quiet they employ these tactics...that is what the enhanced intelligence is all about. It is NOT about keeping you safe. The FBI has stated that no terrorist were caught because of this program....

Sleep deprivation causes many types of illnesses. In fact diabetes, accidents, weight gain and heart problems have all been contributed to sleep deprivation but our government has decided that the use of this program invented by the Russians is good for this country. They have bamboozled everyone into believing that it will stop or cure mental illness, stop drug use and dealers and above all stop dumb can we be?