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Sunday, September 06, 2015

The NSA Abusive Program.

The NSA through their surveillance program has abilities that are mind boggling. For instance they have the ability to communicate with the same weapons and technology that is used against pirates. They can speak to one person or everyone from a distance and not be seen.

They use this technology to harass citizens in this country. They will take one small incident in that person's life and for days, weeks and months and sometimes years make comments that are untrue in the hope that they can develop some form of anxiety or PTSD. In fact many of the victims have both. Domestic Violence victims can relate to this because it is the same type of abuse. It is meant to reduce that person to some pliable person where they can manipulate them to do as they want.

If this is not similar to the MkUltra programs of the 60's where the Church Committee supposedly brought an end to the program then nothing is. Our government just hid the program and carries it out under the illusion of protecting this country by declaring a war on drugs and a war on terrorist.  There has been no evidence that a terrorist was tried or convicted by this program.

Supposedly the largest abusers who go unsupervised is drug enforcement... I am not a terrorist nor a drug dealer or user.

They cover their abuses up by declaring people as delusional. The victim tells what they hear or see and the families fall right in line to get their loved one help for their mental illness.

The increase in mental illness is nothing but a sham and an excuse to medicate and incarcerate innocent victims.

There are many aspects of this program and I hope to add news articles and scientific evidence which is easy to find.