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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

NSA/Quantico harassment

Today I am posting on this blog because I was tortured last night. Around three this morning I was awoken and my private parts burned as part of their secret surveillance, brain mapping enhanced interrogation program. From 3-5:30 I was bullied by lies and threatened constantly. I feel the only alternative is to file a complaint with the Inspector General....Of course they claim this only makes them laugh and they laugh at any senator who tries to expose this illegal program.

So far they have raped me, sodomized me, stolen from me, followed me across country and had me locked up for expired driver's license where I was refused a lawyer, stripped searched, impounded my car and sent my dog to a kennel. All of this because they wanted me to keep their secrets. I do believe these agents may be corrupted. This does not go to all agents just the Rudolph Task Force. If it wasn't the Task Force who was responsible for all the torture etc. then it was drug enforcement (hard to believe) when they were aware I do not do drugs, sell drugs etc.

This program is responsible for the burns on my arms, legs head and shoulders. The men and women behind this program lack integrity and are dishonest. I can see them...sometimes I can see a black round object that looks like the end of a telescope...other times a tiny light (size of the end of a pin) appears and then I taste something bitter and am forced into a deep breath...I am knocked out, woke up as a part of their illegal program.

I sent Department of Homeland Security a FOIA request and received a letter stating that I was not listed anywhere but that Quantico had my information. Why Quantico? Because they are using people to train these weapons.

Most of the time it is crowd control weapons...or weapons and technology that has the ability to wake you up where you are at the end of some dream (being questioned about stupid issues) where the dream feels like a movie with you in it. Sometimes you will see holograms. Once they placed a fighter plane in my bedroom and the men were talking like it was real. Another time they tried to make me believe that I saw an alien...I do not believe in aliens. Then there was the time that they held me against my car for over eight hours making me believe that I was being held at gunpoint or arrested. I was able to see light flashes in the sky. My dog was in the car and the temp was over 80 degrees for over six hours. When they allowed me to get the dog out I saw that he was thirsty but given the heat that was inside a car in 80 degrees with the windows up he should have been dead. I now know the weapons cooled him off and made him very groggy.

The program will use a threat to try to get you to do something or not to do something or to alter your personality. They can make you cry, angry etc by these weapons.

If you think you are in a program like this....take photos of your body...the weapons or technology can be seen on the camera. Do not destroy the camera disks because then you can't prove the pictures are not doctored.

My next plan is to send my blog link to senators.....

I have never been diagnosed with mental illness, given even a prescription for any medication, had no problems in college or school and I am a baby boomer.