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Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Everyday victims of this secret enhanced interrogation done by Quantico and other agencies causes more suffering and pain.  Some of the victims can see the perpetrators sometimes. It seems other times they place a haze over the faces, probably because you know or see them on the street. This morning it was a look at the same person who was involved in the Swain County incident. This man has dark hair, glasses and was pretending to drive a truck with the words "Ashville Pipes" on the side. Several years later I saw him in another location in NC. Last night he threatened me that if I did not go along with him he would have to find a more sinister means to control me.

This to an ordinary citizen sounds bizarre and it is craziness on the part of the perps. First they try to get you in a state of wakefulness where you are just coming out of a sleep and the visions are always sexual then they try to manipulate you into thinking what they want. Sometimes it is just to mess with your head to keep you quiet. These same agents allowed a man to go free who at the very least could have identified the person involved in the bombings in Atlanta way back in the 90's.  This person probably was involved and I can assure you there was no lone bomber.  When the mistakes came to light then the torture and this program was used to cover up the information.

Don't threaten me because I will take steps to file a complaint with my senators or go to the news media. Tired of the harassment being done by the NSA, FBI, DEA to all citizens in this country.

Injuries I sustained while they tortured me

A picture of my bedroom wall
Outside my friends window. This was where they simulated the gunshot to my head