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Friday, August 21, 2015

This is just a partial excerpt of my story. I did not know Rudolph and all I did was tape and turn over tapes of conversations with the person who did know him.  
In 1996 a few weeks before the Olympic Park bombing, a friend of mine started talking about how he could bomb the Olympics. He told me where and how he would place the bomb. I didn’t pay much attention because I figured he was just running his mouth. Prior to that I was asked by a detective if I knew if he was building a bomb and I didn’t. When a friend of his approached me and said he was making a bomb I turned it over to the detectives along with the name of the person who told me. Later I was offered a safe house and I believe I had some sort of protection because when I left the house I saw a pattern of protection.
On Friday afternoon the day before the bombing (it went early the following morning) XXXXX came in and asked if I heard anything about a bomb going off and I said no just a plane being hijacked. He came in around 20 till 2:00.
The following morning I got up and saw that a bomb had gone off and I thought this was what Tommy was talking about. It was when I realized that it happened after he had come in and in the manner that he said it would happen that I was devastated. However, I was sure the caller that warned about the bomb was not XXXXX. I then suspected he knew something and when I saw him I asked him about it. These conversations were put on tape and while the tapes were not very good quality I turned them over to the detective. I used a tape recorder that wasn’t voice activated on the first tape and then I bought a voice activated tape and recorded him again.
Six months later I heard the FBI asking for help and I called believing they had the tapes but told them who to call for the tapes. They never contacted me.
Later they went to visit XXXXX and it was then that I saw the other side of XXXXX and the threats and I began to record him again. In all there were six tapes. The second set of tapes where he spoke about hiding in the mountains and telling me nobody would ever see him again plus other comments like “Maybe I didn’t do it, I just know who did” in which I asked him to call the FBI. We were not on great terms but were friends until the FBI went to visit him.
He had gone to Andrews he said to water raft prior to that bombing and I saw photos. He had told me he went to WV but when I saw the photos he told me it was the Nantahala Mountains. I saw one photo and asked who the person was and he said a man named Dan who lived in a trailer and acted as a guide…he was nobody he said.
The agents never got out of the car missing a perfect opportunity to see his machine shop and a sheet of steel that had recently been cut that matched those in the photos. I had no cable, satellite and only got local news so I was limited as to the information regarding all those bombings. I gave the information to the detective and moved away.
Later when the detective was no longer employed as a detective I spoke to him. While on the phone with him I saw the Alabama information and told him that this man looked familiar to me. I dismissed it and went back to what I was doing.
I worked for a doctor and he took me on vacation with his family to Black Mountain and I took a drive to Andrews. Later I camped there and it was then that I remembered all the things I thought were insignificant.
For years I was followed but was unconcerned because I had done the right thing. However, when they came in my house while I was working and destroyed things I decided it was time to get a lawyer. This was when they didn’t need a warrant in 2001. I had old coins missing and picture destroyed.
Once Rudolph was identified and caught the agents began a campaign to silence me. It was then they decided it was okay to use weapons or technology (I believe crowd control weapons) to make me appear delusional. I was camping at the time and they used a hologram to make me think I was being held at gunpoint. Only I caught on. Of course I ended up in a hospital. However, I was able to prove I was sane and was released with no medication and no diagnosis of mental illness. This did not stop them. They then used the same technology to simulate rape. This happened the same time and in the same manner three or four nights in a row until I was injured and bleeding. The threats were to keep my mouth shut and I wasn’t getting them in trouble. Since I did not know Rudolph and I took the time to connect XXXXXX and Rudolph and they destroyed the tapes, then I believe it is them who should be under surveillance and not me. Why I was never questioned by agents remains a mystery to me instead of being placed in a program in an attempt to change my story. I believe they did not want me to tell anything about the tapes.
In the meantime I had on the advice of my lawyer given up my job and my apartment. I took a job on the tugboats thinking it would reduce the harassment. It didn’t. It made me homeless. I then asked the former detective for help and he let me stay at his grandmother’s house which he inherited but did not live in. It was here that they simulated a gunshot to my head complete with the drama of the odor of gun powder, pain in my ear and head and a feeling like my body was a sleep then cold. I heard a voice that said “Janice, this is what a gunshot to the head feels like”. I later raised money for that detective for a heart transplant. I watched his children when he was in the hospital and became friends with his entire family. He always said that Tommy was involved somehow but wasn’t sure of the extent and that he had seen Rudolph in the area.
I went to a shelter where they hired me to write grants and I then went to grant school and got my own place, was hired as a domestic violence advocate and later became a director of an agency. I retired when I saw some of these agents in town and the harassment was stepped up.
I have had my vehicles damaged, my home damaged and my reputation damaged by these people. I was one of five people who wrote the grants for housing for mental health and I later helped many agencies when they had no money and needed funding.
Although I had 17 rolls of film stolen and destroyed I have many videos and photos where the abuse and weapons are shown. The lack of integrity and supervision is apparent by the types of torture and the words they use when they use they speak.  For non-believers all they have to do is Google the article FBI Has Program that Mimics Schizophrenia to see how these people suffers when this program is used. There is no evidence that it prevents terrorist and in fact there may be some of those shooters that were in this program. To continue when the senate has admitted they don’t believe there is a way that they can provide oversight is to leave innocent American citizens to be abused and tortured. There has been Gay and Lesbians who were in this program where the program was used to make them think they were straight.
In my case one of the first threats was that they could make XXXXX shoot me or I shoot him. I did not find it credible as I did not find the Anthrax scare or any other silly comments that were made during that time. However, to continue with the torture and abuse when I am not a terrorist nor a drug dealer, seller or mentally ill is asking for a lawsuit and public attention of this program.
If I was so horrible then I am sure that a former detective would not have left his children with me to watch or allow me to stay in his home while I looked for work.
When men and women think they can use rape as a means to control anyone then those people become criminals and should be treated as such instead of given employment that allows them to continue to abuse women and children. Many men have reported severe pain from extended erections. It is sad that Americans have to form support groups and shelters for victims of these programs.
The Freedom Act is nothing but an excuse to continue with enhanced interrogation and brain mapping. Congress has proven they are not representing the people when they allow this form of abuse. My question for the people running for office is this:
What will you do if you become President to stop it?