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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Below is an article that now makes sense to me. Each victim of interrogation has complained of being forced to involuntarily  take a deep breath through the nose which seems to knock them out. The other point is that they often complain of odors...mine were cigarettes and coffee.

The amygdala also controls emotions, survival instincts and memory. So what is this secret program doing. Gathering our memories, destroying memories and changing emotions...why does our government want this happen to citizens here and why would they allow it except to interrogate us or destroy memories we have. Most of the time they enhance memories and they use dreams or visions to see our reaction to these things. We have become not only experiments but we are targeted for something.

Are these programs being used to try to create suicide bombers or some other suicide expedition that would kill someone. Sounds pretty crazy but one thing's certain they are messing with us.