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Wednesday, July 01, 2015

While the Obama Administration and congress passed a bill to stop the unlawful seems that it forgot about the remote brain mapping and enhanced interrogation of American citizens. 

I have read that the DEA is the agency that violates and uses this method of gathering information. I also read where the FBI has requested that they do not have to reveal their sources where they got their information. This is probably because it would be illegal to use information gathered in this manner. Our Bill of Rights guarantee that you have the right to a lawyer and with this method they have the ability to gather all the information from you without your consent or a lawyer.

That is what our country under the Patriot Act and Freedom Act has become. 

During the night the victims of this program is subjected to all types of torture and chatter. The chatter is usually filled with lies but these unethical morons don't care if they lie, steal, cheat or cover up crimes and their mistakes.

I got in this program because I identified a co-conspirator of someone that they had arrested. Even with tapes that I later learned were destroyed they allowed him to go free. My torture was to shut me up.

Since then I have found many other victims who were subjected to games that made them appear to be delusional when in fact they were quite normal. I was lucky...I did not get a diagnosis of mental illness and no medication but this did not stop them from using technology to rape me and simulate a gunshot to the head. The gunshot came complete with all the drama that you would feel if it actually happened.

Our constitution appears to be dead in the water and we are now no better than Iraq or Iran who believe such torture is normal. Fifteen years and these corrupted agents still continue to harass and chatter. 

The game these agencies play is to discredit anyone who knows what they are doing. This method causes great concern in families and often the victims lose their jobs, spouses and most of the time their homes. It is deceiving to anyone who does not know this program is being used.  There has been forced medication and often misdiagnosed mental health issues. 

It is sad that our government partakes in this type of CIA programs and now they have been used by other agencies. How corrupt these men and women are. I wonder how they sleep at, they don't because they are too busy harassing others. What games they play at tax-payers expense.