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Thursday, May 28, 2015

When a person tries to do the right thing by giving information that could save many lives and then is punished for it then something is wrong with the Justice system. We know that not every intelligence agent, law enforcement person is as honest as they should be. In fact some of the agents involved should be fired for some of the things they do. Rape is an instance and any agent using technology (called mechanical rape) to make another person believe they are being raped or the use of the technology to actually rape a person should be fired. The fact that our congress has chosen to ignore the pleas of many victims is a sign that our constitution means nothing to them. 

If gathering information at the risk of harming another human being either physically or mentally is being used then they are no better than the police on the streets who are shooting people for no reason. I suggest you get on Paul Rand's band wagon and support him in his quest to bring this country back to where it belongs.