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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Thanks to Rand Paul for having the courage to stand up against a bill that is anything but patriotic. It seems that the less the public would approve or condone a bill the more it is given a name to deceive the public. 

The truth is that many citizens are tortured because some agency such as the FBI, NSA, Homeland Security, CIA and DEA and many more want information or want the opposite and that is to silence information. 

When mistakes are made by these agencies then lies are told to get that person into a program as an attempt to keep them quiet.

There are other reasons for this program and all are illegal. The information gathered is gathered without benefit of legal counsel and therefore can't be used against the victim. In fact because it can be done while in a state of REM without the victims knowledge many do not realize that they are the target of one or more of these agencies. 

The men and women who do this are not in my estimation ethical, moral or honest. Once you find out you are a victim they do their best to try to discredit you. This program has many names including enhanced interrogation, brain mapping and even surveillance.

We all know that surveillance should stop outside your door but with this program it has the ability to come inside your mind and private residence and to cause your home to no longer be your castle.