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Monday, May 12, 2014

Human Rights Violations by our Government Agencies

The mind can be used against us by the use of technology. Way back in the 60's people began seeing shadows, there were a lot of mysterious deaths where there was no finding of a cause. I believe the experiments that started back then are still going forward. That some of the techniques are used for the good of the people and other techniques for evil. If we can make the mind believe certain things then we can make the mind do certain things. It is the placebo effect.

We know that citizens are being hit with weapons and technology that are of military grade. In addition, we know they are covering up some experiments under the disguise of surveillance and they are funded by our tax dollars. We know that these weapons can be used in various ways, some can be used to make the mind think that you have been raped, that you have seen something or they can be used to destroy a memory. Some of these weapons have the ability to actually in real time rape and sodomize the victims.

All of these experiments began a long time ago and were supposed to have been stopped but were never stopped. Some began with people moving objects and in the 60's ten people died that were subjected to experiments. Yet, they went on and on.

Today Obama is telling you that brain mapping will cure diseases. He mentioned Parkinson and Alzheimer's and that may be true but the use of low frequencies and micro-waves or EMF is also being used to target individuals as a means to gather data and as a means to punish those who know what is happening. Our Defense Department has no legal right to experiment on people without written consent and those people should be compensated because there are and has been reported injuries.

When you go to vote please keep in mind that those in office have turned a blind eye and ears to those who are pleading for the abuse to stop.  It is all about Mind Control and maybe those people in office are already under the control of the sinister people who believe they have the right to invade our privacy to the extent of playing mind games or by physically and psychologically harming us. The History of these people is well documented and the proof is there if you research it.