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Thursday, April 17, 2014

How long does it take the NSA to determine if you are a terrorist or threat? Is it just the NSA?

As a result of this post or even if I contact my senator to complain about the spying on U.S. citizens I will be attacked in some manner. I will see helicopters possibly just drone helicopters, police because we are not allowed to complain or even tell what we know. We get burned, subdued with some type of radio frequencies and we get more abuse.

I know that not all intelligence agents are cruel or evil and I know that we need protection in this crazy world at this crazy time but I also am aware that some have taken their power to the extremes where innocent people including children are injured for life.

There is a 2nd grade mentality where they (intelligence) believe they should retaliate against anyone who tells it like it is. I have been a target for over 13 years and I have the scars on me to prove that enhanced interrogation is not any different than pulling someone in a room and torturing them. They think if they erase some of the details from your mind before you awake that everything they do is justified. We are targets for training and behavior modification programs where we were doing nothing wrong. I have no history of any mental illness, no drugs and I certainly am not a threat to anyone. I never ever believed in any type of violence. So I am just being kept silenced.

I am not so sure the NSA program is all about terrorist. That is because being a target goes on for years and years. Children are subjected to the same torture and dreams as the adults. So, exactly what is going on? I think it is mind games. These games include bullying, sexual assault, rape and dreams or nightmares. They use bee stings to keep you from calling your senators or telling the truth about their programs, they use heat and burns to keep you silent. Some victims report that even in church they are subjected to stings and mind games. Chatter is a major part of this program. SO is there really freedom of religion, speech? We already know we have lost our privacy. Those who are targeted in the bathroom, shower and bedroom know that these men and women have become perverts and enjoy being voyeurs. They may even get their jollies off at their victims expense. Many of the victims can see their abusers.

I think we need a National Registry where we can go and list or post photos of our tortures. Maybe then they won't pretend to the senate that the victims are terrorist, drug dealers or need psychological support. We all know that many of the victims were targeted with "crowd control" weapons to pursued them to do something that would make them appear to need mental health. Many of the victims were picked up on trumped up charges to get them to a mental health institute. These victims were often medicated and misdiagnosed as being delusional or depressed. Some given medications for psychosis that did not exist. Some like myself were released without a diagnosis of mental illness but were still bullied, raped and subjected to trauma such as a simulated gunshot to the head. This gunshot came with all the drama that goes with a gunshot to the head.

We ask ourselves who are the mentally ill and I think it is anyone who would do or approve of what is being done by military and intelligence.