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Monday, March 10, 2014

Today I would like you to read this, you could be next.

Today I want to talk to you about how it feels to be targeted by NSA and Homeland Security programs. My friend Sheila Weinberg compared it to walking down the street with a man who is beating you up and everyone ignoring you and there is nothing you can do.

Some of these programs we know are illegal but because they are done secretly and are so unbelievable it is difficult to get family and friends to listen to you. In fact that is part of the program and that is how they can continue. It isn't enough that people complain about surveillance or wire tapping because these programs include brain mapping, and neural monitoring. Both of these programs can be done with drones and satellites. With the technology today that the Coast Guard uses to combat pirates these men and women have the ability to bully and harass our citizens even when they have done nothing. In fact even if they found a terrorist they would not turn them in.

Drug enforcement is another agency responsible for the use of this technology. I have a friend who was to testify in a drug case and drug enforcement found someone else and began to target my friend. He had stopped using drugs over ten years and was raising his son but they still harassed him.

Sleep deprivation and the use of pain is part of this program. In my case it is that I am to keep my mouth shut and the minute that I disagree with their distorted lies I am hit with pain. I am deprived of sleep and have been for over thirteen years. I am not mentally ill even after they tried their best to make me look like I was with crowd control weapons and other technology. I got a clean bill of mental health and no diagnosis of mental illness but it doesn't stop them. The next thing was mechanical rape (as my friend Sheila calls it) where they simulate a rape while they simulated tying my legs together so that I was unable to move. All the time they did this they were telling me that I had better keep my mouth shut.

What was I to keep quiet about? The fact that tapes were turned over to the FBI and later destroyed. These tapes would have made the Lone Wolf not so lonely. Today I am targeted not because I did anything wrong but because of a huge cover up by many agencies.

These programs change your emotions, can make you a recluse or can persuade you to do things that you would not normally do. They have been enlarged upon by the Patriot Act and the fact that congress and our president have allowed these horrific attacks on the people to continue under the false illusion that they will prevent terrorism.

Our President Obama stood before the American people when he thought Snowden would reveal these programs and stated that he was going to explore brain mapping as a means to stop diseases. He was not telling you everything. These programs began in the 60's and because of technology have become a means to gather intelligence. In 2010 India ruled in the Supreme Court that information gathered by the means of brain mapping could not be used against a defendant if he had not consented to it. Today those same laws would apply under our constitution except the FBI has asked that they not have to reveal their sources. Unconstitutional and if you think that you are a victim and have been arrested then take your case to the Supreme Court as your information can't legally be used against you.

My writings are the direct result of being harassed about something so stupid as 7th grade. Their information came from me and they thought they could taunt me with it last night. I did not give them the information they got it illegally. I wake up with blood spots on my sheets and pillows daily. I have ruined my clothing as a result of their programs.

Brain mapping and neural monitoring can be done remotely and while you sleep with today's weapons and technology.