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Monday, February 10, 2014

You sit in your house trying to watch TV and you see the tiny tiny lights flickering in the room, on the ceiling and walls. Who are you bothering? What kind of threat is a 67 year old lady? You can feel the pulsing on various areas of your body. Sometimes it is in perverted places. So, what does the NSA, Homeland Security, or any other agency want with me?

Then you hear the ugly ugly comments and threats. This is what type of program? Behavioral modification? Enhanced interrogation, Brain Mapping?  It is nothing but terrorism sponsored by our government. Does congress really think this is the way to gather intelligence? Is it just another way to shut up whistle blowers?

Most of the victims have the same horrendous stories to tell. We have been burned, scarred, sexually assaulted, we have been called horrific names and for what purpose? Thirteen years for me but there are some that are longer. We are not mentally ill, drug addicts, dealers, terrorist but perhaps we are just human experiments. Non-consensual experiments just like MK-ULTRA, Pandora and the syphilis.

I think we need more activist and we need to remember that Mandela sat in a prison but never lost his dignity and never gave in. He was tortured, experimented on and he was a good guy; just like me.

There men and women have no conscience, no ethics, no supervision and no guidelines regardless of what you hear about the changes in these NSA programs. It isn't true. Nothing has changed.