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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

They are not chosen for what they have but for what they lack!

When you are a victim of one of the NSA programs you may be burned in your groin for hours, you will suffer sleep deprivation. Brain mapping may be done while asleep, but I believe it possibly keeps the brain awake. Tonight is one of those days and it was preceded by several nights of sleep deprivation and burning of the genitals. You must ask yourself why our congress funds programs like these. If you have the money for a lawyer, then I suggest that if you are a victim of these burns regardless where they burn you, then take photos.

Someday these unethical, unconscionable men and women may be identified and these programs will be investigated like the other illegal programs such as MkUltra, Pandora Project.

I just wanted to watch television not be bullied or burned. I have done nothing to deserve this. It is UN-American to treat other humans in this manner. It is unethical for the media to keep it silent. It does not protect you from terrorist. Most of the targets are being silenced by this program and are being targeted for everything and anything for no reason.

These agents lack supervision and therefore think it is a joke to rape a women with this technology, sexually harass her and to make threats. They have been known to use crowd control technology that enables them to make these people appear delusional. Holograms are a common sight for victims of this program.

GOOGLE: Brain Mapping, remote neural interrogation and enhanced interrogation.