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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Rogue NSA Agents and other rogue agents.

We have all heard about the IRS and what they are doing to non-profits. Do you know that people who are under surveillance are reporting the same types of abuses. They are getting their money taken away as fast as they receive it. The banks are subjecting them to new rules even when they have had their accounts for years. The discrimination against targets of the behavioral units, Homeland Insecurity and the NSA has been never like it is since the Bush and Obama administrations Patriot Act. Even if you do not like Rand Paul, you must give him credit for trying to protect all of our individual privacy rights.

What have we done? I did nothing but try to give some apparently rogue agents some information. I then became a subject of an investigation that has destroyed my life in ways that nobody would understand. I have been subjected to the same scrutiny by the IRS that non-profits have had to endure. I recently had my bank withdraw a credit when I had done nothing to deserve it. I have had mysterious injuries to my body and my vehicles.

Do you ask yourself why television is producing programs like "Mind Games", Criminal Minds and other programs related to what is going on in this country?

I am no threat to anyone, I am 66 years old and I just want to be left alone.