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Monday, September 16, 2013

Call Your Senator

Once in a while I post what they are doing to us. First it is a continuous parade of sexual games. Then we are subjected to verbal threats and from there it is nothing but lies. The use of weapons and technology to harass anyone who is a whistle blower, or anyone who they believe is different and those who they want to silence is something you would think a third world country like Iran and Iraq would participate in but while we use propaganda to make others think we are above that, they have been doing it to women, children and men.

Yes children. It is not because they are looking for terrorist or believe we are a threat of any kind, it is because we know what they have done and are doing to us. We have become experiments, we are used as a tool for teaching and training. Does our President and congress know? Yes, we have all complained to every avenue available. Some senators have tried to stop this especially after Snowden telling on the NSA.

It is not just the NSA but it is the FBI, DEA, ATF and now this technology has been made available to the State Police and other law enforcement.

As time goes on neural monitoring (remote) and brain mapping will become the norm because nobody spoke up soon enough. Maybe our senators and Presidents and their children will become victims. What better way for these agencies including the CIA to control America.

People if you want to believe everyone in this has done something then please read more about these programs. You may never know that they have gotten your private information or you may become the target of unethical men and women and be tortured.