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Wednesday, June 19, 2013


For years I have been complaining about the intrusiveness of the surveillance that is going on in the United States. I complained about the use of brain mapping and remote neural monitoring. I have scars on my body from burns and everyday I find more burns. Isn't it time that we stand up and tell the NSA, Homeland Security that we were safer before they decided to use drones and military weapons against us. I have been lied to by the FBI, Homeland Security and the Defense Department. In 2002 I sent photos to a senator who sent a letter to the Defense Department. They basically told him it was none of his business. I had never thought about the Defense Department being involved in what I determined was a surveillance operation by the Rudolph Task Force. I had done nothing wrong. I believe that the FBI lost some tapes and they believed that I would mention these tapes when Rudolph was arrested. It was then that  I was subjected to the use of these weapons. They were used to disorient me and to make those watching me think I was delusional. Had it not been for a local detective I would have been misdiagnosed as delusional, given medication and subjected to mental health.

I want my freedom!  I want the real terrorist caught.  I am not a practice subject for directed energy weapons and I do not need to be silenced. The FBI did not speak to me but they told the senator that they did not have any tapes, then when I was able to prove they did, they told the senator that they were conversations between myself and them. Wrong! They were conversations between myself and a person who had spoken about the Olympic Park Bombing weeks before the bombing  happened. I did not record the conversation then because I thought the man was blowing hot air. I will not go into everything that changed my mind but I will tell you that I taped him after the bombing and then turned the tapes over to the local detectives. It was several months before the FBI went to visit this man and it was then that I saw a change in him and began to tape him again. The second set of tapes were turned over to the FBI and I became the target of surveillance. Why?  At that time I felt they should have questioned me. I do not feel like that now since I know they can't be trusted. If I knowingly was to be put in their presence I would call a lawyer. I have nothing to hide; I just know what they are capable of.

I have seen drones, drone helicopters and these agents have done everything to make my life hell. I am tired of it and I want the truth. Why are you harming me and why are you placing me under surveillance. It isn't for my safety as I have been subjected to torture. I want an investigation, I want them to leave me alone, I want them to pay for medical and I want compensated for the damage and loss of my belongings. I could give you their names but they know who they are. What will it take for them to get the message?

I was NOT involved. I did what I thought was right and expected to be treated right. At that time I thought the man could provide information about the person that did the bombing.  I believe that there are real conspiracies that are missed by law enforcement. Maybe this was one of them.