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Friday, June 28, 2013

Stop Homeland Security and Military Experiments.

I think it is important to remember some of the other experiments that are being done through brain mapping and remote neural monitoring. When you are in this program these people use you as a subject in an experiment. They want to see if they can change your personality. They brain map you to see if they can alter your perception of issues and to see if they can change your personality including your likes and dislikes. They will often insert words into your sub-conscience to see if you will say them. They test you constantly to see if they can make you do things. For instance I am getting ready to go home to another state and they are trying to change my mind.

While all of this seems like the person is mentally ill or has two isn't so. They are testing mind control by using remote brain mapping. None of us have signed up for this and so we are just cheap subjects and what happens to us is considered collateral damage. Those who balk to mush usually get threats or stung like a bee sting.  Most of us have photos of our heads and those photos reveal a net like appearance covering our heads.

I was never mentally ill. I became a subject at the age of 53. I had no history of mental illness, never was ever given any medication. I am not a terrorist and according to the FBI, I do not know a terrorist. What they did was place me in this program just because I handed over information  (true information) and they did not believe me so I became the target of this program. They have spent years either trying to keep me quiet or trying to convince me that I imagined everything. The truth was that they had the tapes to support what I was saying and I believe they destroyed those tapes and then figured out I told the truth. It was easier to try to make me appear mentally ill or delusional rather than admit that they made a mistake.

SO A WORD TO THE WISE; DO NOT TRUST THE FBI, ATF OR HOMELAND SECURITY. I am not the only person that this has happened to. A man in another state became a subject when he was supposed to testify for the DEA. What they did was decide they did not need his testimony and then targeted him to keep him quiet. So, in addition to interrogation and gathering data they are messing with our minds to make us what they think we should be. There is no free choice so privacy is the least of our worries.

If you think all of this sounds delusional then you need to read as far down on this blog as you can. Look at the photos and then you will see what Obama is doing to us.

You may not like my personality but you have no right to change who I am, what I believe and where I go.
These men and women are sick individuals who are playing at Frankenstein at our expense. The military madness along with Quantico has run amok and if we do not do something about these abuses then one day they will control everyone.

I know who I am, what I believe and when I see myself deviating from my beliefs then I am very aware that some asshole using drones, satellites or weapons is thinking they have accomplished altering my personality, behavior modification or whatever Frankenstein experiment they are working on.