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Friday, June 14, 2013


It takes courage to take on a government. I am not one who supports anyone giving up secrets but when those secrets undermine the very essence of our freedoms then I applaud the person for having the courage.
I have been blogging on the Washington Post. The majority of the people are happy that Snowden has spoken out. What Snowden has done is embarrass this administration for becoming what we defend in other countries. Our founding fathers came to this country not to elect a Queen and King and not to establish a dictatorship. They came with courage and forethought as to how they wanted to live. Thomas Jefferson stated that he feared that technology would succeed morality one day. He was right. Ben Franklin was asked upon creating the second draft of the constitution "What kind of government have you created?" He stated a Republic if you can keep it.

For exercising our rights many of us have been subjected to directed energy weapons. This morning I have a perfectly round hole in a private area of my body. The punishment for writing on the post was a large amount of blood. This was supposed to stop me. There was no pain. I have had the same perfectly round holes appear  from time to time when I did not keep silent.

In this state many clergy and even a representative has picketed the legislature for some of their insane bills, for their cutting funding for some of our most vital programs. Instead of the news reporting on the insane bills etc. they report that our governor's comments; that this will not change anything. That is the problem with our electives, they do not care what the people want who elected them and they make decisions that are in line with their philosophy instead of reality and the majority once they are in office.

Obama has done the same with his arrogance when he states that he will not stop the illegal spying. To make sure he has tapped into the phone lines of journalist so that he can send his henchmen to kill any story that is detrimental to his way of thinking. He has kept at the helm people from the Bush administration or replaced them with people of the same thinking. He is five years in office and I just now "Get him". He has been a sheep in wolves clothing all along. He tells you that he will make this country CHANGE but doesn't tell you that he will create secret programs and the change is more invasion of privacy. He tells you that he is going forward with a new frontier by brain mapping. He doesn't tell you that brain mapping has been in use prior to 9-11. He doesn't tell you that it is used to gather intelligence, he tells you it is to learn about the brain and it will cure diseases. If curing diseases is the reason for brain mapping then doctors, scientist in labs with consensual subjects should be managing the program and not the Defense Department, Homeland Security and NSA.

Isn't it time we learn to read between the lines? If we do not stay vigilant we will not have a Republic government and certainly we will not keep it. Call your senators and let them hear your voice. Public opinion can create changes.