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Sunday, May 26, 2013

The State of the Union Address

Joe Wilson taken from the movie about his wife who was ousted by the Bush Administration when Joe Wilson wrote an article about the weapons of mass destruction that did not exist. The name of the movie is FAIR GAME with Sean Penn playing Joe Wilson, a journalist who once was an Ambassador. Valarie Plame is played by Naomi Watts. See the real story, read the book but become better informed.
How many of you know the sixteen words in President Bush’s State of the Union Address that led us to war? How many of you know my wife Valerie Plane? How can you know one and not the other? When did the question move from” Why are we going to war? To who is this man’s wife? I asked the first question but somebody else asked the second, and it worked because none of us know the truth.
The offense that was committed was not committed against me and not against my wife. It was committed against all of you. If that makes you angry and misrepresented then do something about it. When Benjamin Franklin left Independence Hall just after the second draft of the Constitution he was approached by a lady who asked him “What manner of government have you bequeath us and he said a Republican manner, if you can keep it.
The responsibility of the country is not in the hands of a privileged few, we are strong and we are free from tyranny as long as each one of us remembers their duty as a citizen whether it is to report a pot hole at the top of your street or lies in the state of the union address. Speak out, ASK those questions, and Demand that truth. Democracy is not a free ride; I am here to tell you. This is where we live and if we do our job this is where our children will live.

Ask questions because the citizens of the United States have never been in more danger of losing their constitutional rights than today. Question the excuse to use and experiment with brain mapping, neural monitoring and speak out to others so that they can question. It is invasive, silent and being done to thousands of Americans NOT because it is a tool to find diseases or to explore the brain but because it is used to gather information that will be used against you without the benefit of a lawyer and the Justice Department is aware of it and condones it.

ASK why there are phone taps on reporters because that is your avenue of information and it is crucial to your freedom. Ask why the IRS targeted and demand to know who gave the order. Ask why the CIA and military intelligence community is using neural monitoring on children. START SENDING YOUR SENATORS AND CALLING THE WHITE HOUSE FOR ANSWERS. THIS IS YOUR COUNTRY.

My question is this; Why is brain mapping being used without the targets being informed? Who is paying the medical cost for the mistakes? How far is intelligence allowed to go with neural monitoring? Why is rape and viscous rape and sexual dreams a part of intelligence. Who has been allowed to experiment and who gave the authorization to train troops? No matter who I ask I do not get satisfactory answers and the media has been silenced. Why has the media been silenced? This is not classified, too many people have been targeted by groups of people who are using this technology and or weapons. Too many know about it. Too many lives have been destroyed. When did the citizens become collateral damage instead of protected. Many have been threatened. I was threatened that if I told what I know that I would go to jail for ten years and lose my benefits. Someone somewhere gave these orders and I want to know who? why and when will they stop. Again, I am a senior citizen with no ties to terrorist, this is from the FBI so why target me unless I know something they are hiding. What ask them. 

Just last night Tuesday the 28th I was subjected to a mind game. For some reason these people who work for our government have chosen to simulate all types of sexual acts with these weapons. I was under the impression that Obama did not believe in rape that women were not to be subjected to violence. Is anyone aware that the Justice Department gives grants to domestic violence agencies while allowing intelligence, Homeland Security, NSA and other intelligence to use weapons that have the capability to burn your private area while pulsing your private area in the hope that this will lead to orgasm and then they can try to change your perception and or threaten you over and over so that you will do what they want. The use of these weapons on people int his country has caused injuries, mental issues and with all the cuts int he budget, I can assure you that medical treatment is unavailable to the people who have been injured with the use of crowd control weapons, active denial weapons and so called less than lethal weapons. Why? Possibly because I saw and recognized one of these perverts in Wal-Mart and this caused their excitement or maybe it was because I laugh at the childish and immature manner in which they attack women sexually. Gee, maybe it is about THEM getting their jollies off and that is all. Do what the Secret Service did hire a prostitute.