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Friday, April 19, 2013

Since I posted this another person has been charged with the crime. The use of neural monitoring to gather information has failed us again. The military technology and use of weapons has over and over again failed to detect terrorist. After 9-11 then President Bush told people to turn in anyone suspicious. People turned in people they didn't like and the government became more paranoid than ever before. All the time President Bush claimed we would not give in to fear it was meant to make you believe we had to be fearful. It is a psychology trick. If I told you not to worry about snakes in the high weeds you would then begin to wonder if there were snakes in the weeds. Psychology plays a huge part in controlling the people. The use of these weapons and the verbal psycho jumbo is an attempt to control people. The problem is they are trying to control the wrong people. They want to control dissidents and whistle blowers and thus the real terrorist go free. I believe that this technology will be just the beginning of the destruction of our freedoms. I have said it time and again " If we allow men and women to peep into our showers and bedrooms then we already have lost our privacy. When we allow law enforcement to read our thoughts then we have lost what the true meaning of justice is. It then is not only blind it is corrupt. When we allow sex to be used as a tool to get into the brain and the thoughts of the people then we create perverts. We already know that these men and women get their thrills from watching young women and sexually assaulting both men and women. When this technology is used then ignored as to who may be dangerous then it is a shame that all the above has occurred for nothing. There is corruption in everything and we would be ignorant and stupid to think that anyone using this technology or weapons would not be subject to the same corruptions and dishonesty as any other job. We have seen the FBI, Homeland Security, ATF and other intelligence agencies make mistakes. I can forgive a mistake but when it continues for years and years and they know that we are harmless and NOT mentally ill then I consider them corrupt, dishonest, delusional and misled misfits. Playing Frankenstein is for the movies and we need to keep it real when we deal with real people. The medical community has proven that the voices some people hear are external and not internal. We all know about the use of this technology in Afghanistan. The Taliban surrendered when they believed that they were surrounded by soldiers when in fact the soldiers were using this technology. It made all the news. I have underline and put in bold the words that you can look up on the Internet. Look up Sharon Weinberger and Cheryl Welsh. Sharon is a free lance writer who writes for the Washington Post and Cheryl is a lawyer who has researched the use of these weapons. 
It is never acceptable to resort to violence to resolve issues. The frustration the targets feel is understandable but the only way to get the word out is through legal means and non-violence. This is embarrassing to those who are struggling through the courts and congress to address these issues. 
In addition, I do not know if he is a target but if he is guilty he has tarnished everyone who is a target. 

It is a dangerous game that is being done to the victims whether it is done by scientist who are brain mapping, military who are either seeking intelligence or mind control or our Intelligence community who is seeking information. These victims are harassed via bullying, threats and even physical violence.  Most of the victims never react except to seek justice via the courts, congress and they are denied this justice. They lose their family support and often lose their homes, marriages and children. They get misdiagnosed as having mental illness and that is part of the game that allows these agencies to continue to abuse and torture.  We know   
these diagnosis are attributed to some of the victims being attacked by weapons. Some victims have no history of mental illness and are way past fifty. Some have seen holograms and some are led to believe that their neighbors and friends are doing this to them. While it may be true that some people may be "used" to create the illusion of mental illness it is mainly not neighbors or friends. The public does not recognize that the chem trails are contaminating our earth and we are ingesting what they put in the sky to cover up their secrets.

If I could tell anything to the victims; I would say please hang in there and stick together and fight this in the courts. I would not count on congress to pass laws that would stop this as we have the Nuremberg Code and we have all kinds of laws set by the FCC (which is attempting to increase the amount of EMF that would be legal) and they are ignored by these agencies.  I certainly believe that violence is the wrong way to go to solve issues.  Many of the victims "know" something that is kept from the public. Many are whistle-blowers and a few may actually have mental illness. This simulates schizophrenia by the FBI's admission and therefore that should be enough grounds to stop this program. We all want to be safe but the victims are not even safe in their homes. 

So, Mr. Curtis claims drones are responsible because they spy on him. My stand is that once the agencies  know you are not a threat to anyone they need to stand down and leave you alone. They do not need to continue to torture you mentally or physically even if you are a threat. Instead these people need to have due process just like they are entitled to. If it were their mother, father sister or other loved ones they were bullying and threatening these men and women would reconsider the use of torture and mental abuse to find terrorist and discover how the brain works. We have seen suicides among the victims, one woman was murdered and if she was under surveillance then why wasn't it stopped. They owe the victims compensation and treatment for what they have endured. Victims are NOT collateral damage and should not be seen as such by other human beings.

CORINTH, Miss. — The Mississippi man charged with threatening the lives of President Obama, a U.S. senator and a Mississippi judge by mailing them poison-laced letters had grandiose ambitions as an Elvis impersonator, believed that government drones were spying on him and harbored conspiracy theories about black-market trafficking in human body parts, according to court documents and people who know him.