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Monday, April 01, 2013


There was a time when Senator McCarthy, J. Edgar Hoover began a witch hunt into Communism. They targeted not only foreigners but American citizens. If a person belonged to a certain group they then black balled this individual. Today something similar is going on and Americans may be targeted for who they know. live next door to, who their families are and what they are doing. They will have people audited by the IRS and they will go to their employment and tell lies or insinuate something just to get them fired. Federal Agents who want to cover up something or who make mistakes will place a person under surveillance or label them a "person of interest" and that person will then become a victim of neural monitoring and is subject to torture, bad dreams and often gets mislabeled or misdiagnosed as mentally ill. The favorite diagnosis is delusional, this creates the illusion that anything that the victim says is a figment of their imagination, did not happen or a lie. These victims often are medicated against their will and their families and friend shun them. The increase in mentally ill people is the illusion as many are just subjected to the surveillance drones, active denial weapons and many other psychological abuse programs. Many victims are test or training subjects after they are misdiagnosed with mental illness and we believe that the men and women doing the torture are being trained and the subjects are miraculosly cured and deemed not dangerous. BALONEY they were never a danger to anyone not even themselves and the men and women are the real cases of mental illness or they would not be able to abuse these victims as they do.

Just as the syphilis experiments, agent orange and Gulf War Syndrome was denied we are being denied.