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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Once again I find myself on the receiving end of torture. I have said it before and I am saying it again. Torture has no place in America. The people subjected to the torture under the so called "person of interest" are actually innocent people who got placed on a list either by being whistle-blowers,and people who were profiled to be what they were not. If you are placed under surveillance and weapons are used on you JUST to find out if you have any information it is WRONG. It is wrong to scar another human as I have been scarred, burned and raped with weapons as a means to punish me for something I did not do and know nothing about. It is wrong to silence anyone who may have information regarding an incident that places other humans in danger. It is wrong of federal agents to cover their asses by trying to insinuate that someone is dangerous or mentally ill. It is further wrong to use directed energy weapons against a person to get them to say or act in any manner that they would not act just to make them appear delusional. It is wrong for our senators and president to put their heads in the sand and not investigate or deal with this abuse. It is wrong for agents to get in front of the senate and lie and the senate know they lie then rule in favor of the agents. It is demeaning to the public.

Once again I ask that you flood the emails and phone lines of your senators and complain about torture in America and the use of weapons and drones against citizens in this country.