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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Last two or three nights have been torture due to the act that I recently relocated. These people know I know this psychological program. The night before they wanted me to think once again that I had an orgasm. For some strange reason these men and women get their jollies off when they do these perverted things to the victims of neural monitoring. They threatened me and once again wanted me to say that a detective I knew was not honest. I could not say that. I can say that some of the FBI agents that I saw in 2002 were not honest and while they never spoke to me they placed me under surveillance and began this neural monitoring and torture just so that I would be quiet. Of course they continue to threaten me and I ignore their ignorance and perversions as I know that what they would like me to think is that it is me and not them who is mentally ill. It is outrageous to think that grown men and women get their rocks off by torturing citizens in this country and all the while they continue to speak out against the same in other countries. We have begun the same journey into thinking like Iran and Iraq and their beliefs in torture. This is the new America. Let's speak out against the policies of the CIA, National Security and Homeland Insecurity along with the profiling of citizens that involve their being led to torture by the very agents and Defense Department that should be protecting and fighting for our rights.