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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Abuse of Power and Torture! What is the Justice Department's Stand on this?

Another night of "chattering" where I am threatened because I mentioned an agents name. They mentioned several games that the agents played in 2001-2003.  While most people will not understand this post those that are aware of this program will see the similarities they endure. I was punched in the stomach and hit so hard in the head that I had a headache. I believe this is some method of either medicating or using the technology to slow us down and attempt to make us forget the conversations that we had during the night. I saw bald headed men with glasses, the same assholes that I have seen in person. Crazy? You bet!! These men and women who are operating this technology were not chosen for what they have but for what they lack. Normal people would not do this to non-consensual citizens in this country. It is a mistake to believe that these programs are for drug users, mentally ill or terrorist. They are used to silence whistle-blowers, dissidents and activist who our government wants silenced. This is just another secret program that tax-payers are paying for. Instead of cutting social programs that are needed maybe funding for illegal programs that allow agents to punish and torture those who are really trying to keep our country the way the founding fathers wanted. Freedom of speech is just the beginning.