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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Maybe a Major News Paper Will see This and Print the pictures so that we have another Abu Ghraib Revelation.

My life and the lives of other targets or victims has been ruined by the use of these weapons. I thought that when it started they would get the truth, arrest the right person and I could get on with my life.  They did not want the truth. Even with the tapes that they denied receiving, until the proof was before them, they still continue to threaten and abuse.  The whole psychological program was designed to silence me and the truth.  First the criminals were protected and then the agents were protected.  The scars on my body including my head are just small signs that I am a target. The real signs are in the health and the PTSD. We are prisoners in our own homes. Subject to hours of mind manipulation, verbal and physical abuse. We can't have one moment to ourselves and in my case it is their fear that the truth will survive. The truth being they wanted me to look crazy so that they would not have their reputations tarnished. Some of these agents have retired, others moved on but their game is continued by people in Homeland Security and the misled military intelligence.

It is hard to believe that our congress allows this abuse. It is even more difficult that a president who taught the constitution would allow so many violations of the constitution. The photos are only a few but I have thousands and some show sexual assault. The images of the rectal and vagina being pullsed are amazing. I would get up when they were manipulating my privates and take photos and you would be amazed at the damage they can do and the images that are in my camera.

If you do nothing else today please go to your senator or the White House page and send an email or call and tell them that innocent people are being subjected to torture. It is torture that you can't stop as they are cowards who hide behind masks and weapons or technology.  Our President said rape is rape and I can assure you that thousands of women and children are being raped daily by the active denial weapons and by directed energy weapons. These lethal weapons are the strength of the desire of the perpetrator behind them.

Even if all these thousands of people were terrorist they are Americans and they were promised justice. What happened to their rights? The "pursuit of happiness" is an illusion that Homeland Security has created.  These are horrible people who in their misled ideas think that it is okay to use mind control or neural monitoring for years when they know the people are innocent. This only leads to the conclusion that once they find the truth then you are a human target of non-consensual psychological and physical experiments or you are the person that the new agents are trained by.

Where are the ethics and what is the limit that these people will go to prove something. The scars on my body and the burn on my gallbladder is not enough. Sleep deprivation is not enough, verbal abuse is not enough and damages to our homes, lives and vehicles is not enough. No ethics, scruples and even the few good men who tell the truth can't make congress listen. The few FBI agents who come forward in support of the targets are silenced. It will take the public to create the change that is needed in this country to allow innocent people to live like the perpetrators live in a free country.

Is there something that will stop Directed Energy Assaults? America was better off before the CIA, NSA and Military Intelligence were deployed to the so called "War on Terrorist". It has become the "War on America".