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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Please Google every word highlighted.


Did you ever wonder why grown men and women would participate in torture or non-consensual experiments on people without their knowledge? What type of person would continually threaten good people or why would these men and women want to destroy lives by taking away family, homes and employment? What about destroying health or ruining people by either causing disabilities or by creating scenarios where the person looks as though they have a disability?  Why would they call people the N word or use sex to attempt to control them? What is it they use to medicate or to knock people out? Why are they using military technology to interrogate free citizens in this country? What connection does the brain have to sex and why are they trying to erase or create memories? Subliminal messages that are used during sleep is part of this program. Then they wake you up by hitting kidneys or other parts of your body. Sometimes it is your legs and you can't walk but all of this looks normal because they have the technology to mimic not only health issues but mental issues. Do you wonder why mental health is in the news so much or that we have people using guns to shoot mass amounts of people? What is going on? Who or what is responsible for the abnormal behaviour in all these people? Where is science taking us and do we really need to go there?

Why would our government fund or participate in these illegal programs. What happened to the right to privacy and happiness? Why would senators and leaders including the Justice Department allow good people to be destroyed? Did we not learn our lessons from Hitler and why was the Nuremberg Code created and why did we participate in creating it if we were not going to follow the guidelines? What happened to the Church Committee and their findings and did the experiments just go underground until we are the subjects of military programs without any compensation or medical treatment?

If this is going on now what do you think will happen to our children and grandchildren? What future do they have if we can't get our leaders to comply with the law or the Constitution of the United States?